''The object of the physician is to find health, anyone can find disease'' Dr Andrew Taylor Still. Founder of Osteopathy 

The above statement is the foundation of Bradley’s treatment. Bradley is inspired by the French system of healthcare where medical appointments are 1 hour in length. Bradley’s aim is to spend ‘more time on fewer patients’, believing that medicine today has become too rushed and this can compromise cure in long term disease. Bradley’s treatments cover a wide variety of areas, from simple biomechanics to more complex situations involving multiple systems and symptoms. Bradley Whale

Bradley not only uses osteopathic theory but combines multiple theories and treatments from a variety of different therapies to create a complete diagnosis, which will then provide a conclusive process of treatment to improve the patient's symptoms. Therefore Bradley is a statutory figure within the osteopathic community due to his willingness to utilise other therapies to aid the wellbeing of the patient. 

The aim in all cases is to achieve a balanced and complete restoration of health for the patient. Rather than tackling only the presenting complaint, this is done by considering all aspects of the case and how they all influence each other.

Bradley has just finished writing his first book Equine Biomechanics. The secret to competition success. Within the book is the presentation of Bradley’s new theories of equine biomechanics which have been developed over his many years of experience. The book is aimed at both riders and therapists and is designed to help riders understand what a therapist does and to expand current therapist's understanding.

Bradley is currently writing his second book which is the next instalment in his trilogy.    

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