Oligotherapy is widely recognized throughout Europe as a powerful modality for treating a multitude of different diseases and conditions  

Oligotherapy is an entirely new approach to natural medicine using natural trace elements at the cellular level to supply specific minerals at precise concentrations to affect the body's healing mechanisms. Oligotherapy

The importance of trace elements, have been known in Switzerland and other European countries since the beginning of the end of 1800, and there is a long history of experiences and research to support its effective use.

In recent decades the importance of trace elements in the health of the human body has emerged within the complementary sectors of health and medicine orthodox, given the tremendous growth in the food sector, this gives testimony to the awareness in terms of its importance.

Almost all biological reactions require enzymes (biological catalysts) if they are to occur at rates the body needs for good health and survival.  Many enzymes depend on specific mineral co-factors for proper functioning.  These minerals need to be present only in extreme low concentrations, but they are absolutely vital for homeostatic regulation and good health.

A patient generally gets little to no benefit from large amounts of nutritional supplements if the cells can't absorb and utilize them.  

Oligotherapy restores cell metabolism by reactivating enzymatic pollutants and disease toxins all contribute to cellular dysfunction.  The resulting illness occurs because enzyme activity within the cell becomes inhibited and the cell can no longer utilize the very nutrients that would allow it to function normally.

The activity of Oligotherapy within the body is different from that of nutritional supplements.  This doesn't mean one is better than the other, but rather they work cooperatively and synergistically within the body but on different levels.