I have seen Bradley over a number of years with varying sporting relating injuries caused initially through training for rowing, and latterly cycling. He has always approached each of my presenting complaints with a calmness that is refreshing. No matter if it is a serious injury that will require a course of treatment and days of rest, or a niggle that just needs ironing out and no change in my training routine, he takes the time to carefully explain each problem so that I am left feeling as though I understand what is wrong, how Bradley has treated it and what the plan is with regards to my training and further treatment. The fact that I understand means I am more likely to heed advice, especially the hardest advice of all to take – “just rest”.

Over and above his excellent clinical treatment, he is personable, interested and kind, and able to fit me in, often at short notice! The follow up phone calls and text messages help to determine my progress and whether any further treatment is needed, and it is wonderful to always be contacted without having to request it, again, illustrating his caring nature.

I would highly recommend Bradley to anyone, and indeed have done! Whatever your presenting problem, whether you are a full time athlete, or someone who pursues a more healthy level of interest in sport from the comfort of your armchair, you can be sure that the level of care and attention you will receive from Bradley is second to none. He has an amazing array of knowledge and takes a holistic approach in treating his patients. I really cannot recommend him highly enough.

Nicola Meadows
Veterinary Surgeon, Henley on Thames



Throughout my years as a climber I have often had to seek professional advice in regards to injuries and training.

Bradley has not only made the biggest impact on my recovery from neck and elbow problems but has done so with patience and great care. As a professional athlete himself his advice on training and rehab is brutally honest, simple and works incredibly well.

Despite him not knowing much about my sport he could draw on a great amount of knowledge, telling me exactly what to do and not do to keep my injuries in check and my fitness at an optimum.

I couldn’t recommend him more highly enough- he is a world class osteopath and it’s a pleasure to work with someone so enthusiastic and professional.

Bonita Norris
Youngest British Woman to climb Mount Everest




I am a 63 year old professional man who has suffered with very bad flat feet or pes planus for over 20 years. This condition became progressively worst until I was in a situation where I could not walk any real distance and had difficulty climbing stairs, which affected me socially, when travelling and in business.

I’ve tried various types of treatments including physiotherapy, chiropractic ad special exercises, none of which helped me at all and using insoles in my footwear is only a slight relief.  

On a referral from a friend who stated that acupuncture had helped her flat feet, I contacted Bradley Whale. Bradley saw me fairly quickly and I found him a very pleasant and likable man and a top professional. He is very knowledgeable on his subject and puts you at ease when he conducts a very through assessment of your condition and what he needs to do to best treat you.

After Bradley's initial treatment my feet were pain free for approx 6 weeks, a situation I had not enjoyed for over 20 years and I will be going back to Bradley for regular top-up treatments. If you have a medical problem then I strongly recommend you contact Bradley to see if he can help you.

Vince Golder, Sonning Common, Berkshire




I have suffered from back problems since the age of 22 through rowing and have had many different types of treatment over the years. I have learnt that it is important to learn what your limitations are when you have an injury of that sort, and having preventative treatment is extremely important.

I currently work in Formula 1 and am constantly travelling. Being 6’5 makes airline seats a struggle for me especially over long distances, and I am expected to arrive and be ready to exercise at a very high level. A couple of years ago, I would constantly have troubles with my back which would on occasions prevent me from being able to do my job to the level that is expected of me.

I have now been a patient of Bradley’s for over a year, and in that time I have no longer had any further problems with my back. Bradley’s techniques, methods and approach are not only unique, but are extremely effective, and I highly recommend him to anyone suffering from any sort of injury.

Under his care I can now looking forward to the up coming Formula 1 season with confidence, which will enable me to carry out my job to the best of my ability.

Simon Fitchett, Formula 1 Physical Trainer and Mental Coach