“Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records. ”  William Arthur Ward

Bradley’s great insight into sports injuries comes from over 15years of osteopathy Henleycompetitive sport, in a huge variety of different fields. He specialises in sports injuries and sports performance enhancement for both the elite competitor and casual athlete as well as structural treatment for acute pain and long term conditions. 

Bradley decided to finish professional and competitive sport in 2009, and has since dedicated himself to his work and helping as many clients as possible and furthering the understanding of the body.  

Bradley has competed at national and international level in a wide variety of sport including 

Pistol shooting 



Horse Riding (Show Jumping, Dressage)

Modern Pentathlon


Sport SpecialityBradley has worked with a huge variety of sports from Formula 1 to American football. In each and every sport Bradley does a huge amount of research about the specific demands placed on the individual within each unique sport. 

Bradley, due to himself competing at international level in a variety of sports, completely understands the physical, physiological and psychological demands which are commonly placed upon the sports man and woman. Bradley also specialises not only in sport injuries but also in the management and integration of athletes once they leave professional sport.